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Join today to list or find internet domain names that may be available for sale or lease on Hot Domains..

What does "joining" mean?

Hot Domains has been created to list internet domains that may be available for sale or lease. Most domain name listing sites are run by brokers to list the names they are selling or by individual domain name investors to list their own portfolios. Hot Domains is different, we are not selling domain names directly from the site and our list is made by combining the portfolios of our member's domain names.

The "members" of Hot Domains are domain owners or brokers who have their own sales site and choose to add their list of names to Hot Domains.

What does it cost to join?

Hot Domains is a free service. We make no charge to members for listing and no charge on sales.

Who can join?

Anyone owning or representing a significant portfolio of suitable domain names can join. If you are currently running a domain sales site we would love to add your list to ours. If you have a significant number of New Zealand related sites we would like to work with you to list your names on our site. If you'd like to join, us today.

How does it work?

From the member's perspective it is very simple.

  • Members send us a list of their names together with information on how to link sales queries to their sales site(s).
  • Members can optionally give us their asking price for the domain.
  • We add their domains to our list
  • We display the domain names to site visitors together with a link to the member's sales site (Preferably direct to the sales query page)
  • The visitor arrives at the member's site
  • The member and the visitor negotiate and hopefully close the deal, without further contact with Hot Domains.

What sites can be listed?

We list domain names related to New Zealand other than offensive or illegal names. For our purposes this means for a name to be listed it must contain one or more of:

  • The letters "NZ". This includes all names in the .nz name space.
  • The word "Zealand" or variations of this.
  • Words related to New Zealand in popular culture such as "Pavlova" or "Kiwi"
  • New Zealand place names such as "Auckland", "Hamilton", "Taumaranui"
  • Just about anything else you can convince us you honestly believe to be New Zealand related

Legal Disclaimer

  • Your use of this site and its information is governed by the conditions set forth on the Terms of use page.
  • The existence of this page does not constitute an offer to sell any domain(s) listed on it, and the owner(s) of the domain(s) are not otherwise stating any intention to sell the domain(s). By following links and/or submitting a request for information and/or submitting an offer you are acting as the sole initiator of a possible transaction between you and the owner of the domain(s).
  • Neither Hot Domains nor its owner are necessarily able to verify the information supplied by the domain name owners or brokers who have supplied that information and so can not guarantee its correctness. Correct and current information can only be obtained from them.

Hot Domains - Join today to list or find internet domain names that may be available for sale or lease on Hot Domains..

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